About Us

The Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College London provides thought leadership and authoritative interdisciplinary evidence and analysis on the role of gas in future low carbon energy systems.
We manage, lead and deliver world-class research with our global partners across the spectrum of science, engineering, economics and business to support policymakers and industry in their decision-making.


• Examine the environmental, economic and technological role of natural gas in the global energy landscape;

• Define the technologies and develop energy systems models that could explore the role of gas and other energy sources;

• Address the global challenge of how to mitigate climate change.

Research Themes

We have three research themes:

1. Methane emissions

Comprehensive research into understanding methane emissions in energy supply chains through our Methane Environment Programme. Analysing data, technologies, through policy and regulation to realize the mitigation potential at every stage of the supply chain.

2. Modelling gas futures

Whole energy systems modelling to quantitatively assess the role gas will have in the future energy system, and the contribution of specific technologies, through to economics, policy and regulation. This includes the development of a technologically-rich and agent-based Integrated Assessment Model, MUSE.

3. Gas evidence-base reports

Rigorous, detailed and peer-reviewed analysis of the evidence on controversial issues around the topic of sustainable gas. This work is conducted through our White Paper Series.







While the focus of the Institute is natural gas research, the scope is often broader and encompasses work in optimising the sustainability of other energy vectors such as hydrogen, and biogas/biomethane.