About Us

The Sustainable Gas Institute is a unique academic-industry partnership, and a ground-breaking collaboration between the United Kingdom and Brazil. Our role is to provide thought leadership and drive research into the technology that could underpin a role for natural gas in the global energy landscape.

We are a multidisciplinary institute operating on a ‘hub and spoke’ model, with our international research hub at Imperial College, London, and spokes at leading research universities in Brazil. We manage, lead and deliver world-class research with our global partners across the spectrum of science, engineering, economics and business.


• Examine the environmental, economic and technological role of natural gas in the global energy landscape;

• Define the technologies and develop energy systems models that could explore the role of gas and other energy sources;

• Help to advance technology roadmaps to support future R&D investment decisions;

• Address the global challenge of how to mitigate climate change.

Research Themes