Dissemination – Methane & CO2 emissions from the natural gas supply chain

CaptureOn September 24th 2015, the first SGI White Paper was published, entitled ‘Methane & CO2 emissions from the natural gas supply chain report’.

Please cite the paper as:

Balcombe, P., Anderson, K., Speirs, J., Brandon, N., and Hawkes A. (2015) ‘Methane & CO2 emissions from the natural gas supply chain report’ Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College London.

Please find below links to subsequent press releases, articles, and presentations.

Dr Paul Balcombe is the first author of the paper.

 Briefing note

A two page summary of the full report is available to download ‘Understanding methane & CO2 emissions from the natural gas supply chain report’


Please find photos from the launch event on Flickr.

Sustainable Gas Insitute's First White Paper Launch Event


01/11/15 – Understanding methane emissions from the natural gas industry – Oil & Adjacent Gas

01/02/16 – A Matter of UrgencyPetroleum Review 

26/11/15 – Sustainable Gas: The Key to a Lower Carbon Future? – RigZone 

16/03/16 – How big a problem are methane emissions and what can we do about it? – Gastech News 

Blog posts

12/10/16 – BLOG: Tackling methane’s contribution to climate change  – a blog post by Dr Paul Balcombe from IPIECA-OGCI Workshop on the SGI website

20/10/16 – BLOG: Building a cleaner natural gas supply chain – a blog post by Dr Paul Balcombe from Gastech on the SGI website

Journal articles 

07/10/16 – The Natural Gas Supply Chain: The Importance of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions – ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng (Journal)


06/02/16 – Paul Balcombe on the future of Natural Gas in the U.K Converstations on the Future of Energy and Climate Change


23/02/16 – The future role of natural gas in the UK – UKERC

07/07/16 – The compatibility of UK onshore petroleum with meeting the UK’s carbon budgets – Committee on Climate Change


17/11/16 – My research in a nutshell: Dr Paul Balcombe (34 seconds)

22/09/16 – Greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas production (3 minutes 54 seconds)

22/10/16 – Launch event and panel discussion for White Paper 1: methane and Co2 emissions in the Natural Gas Supply Chain’ (1 hour and 28 minutes)



24/09/15 – White Paper 1: Carbon dioxide and methane emissions in the natural gas supply chain – Launch

16/09/15 – Gastech Conference & Exhibition in Singapore

13/09/15 –  – International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) workshop

30/11/15 – Methane and carbon dioxide emissions from the natural gas supply chain: an evidence assessment – Seminar for The Sussex Energy Group

16/12/15 – 6th UNECE Gas Centre Industry Forum, Palais des Nations, Geneva.


15/02/16 – Seminar at Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (formerly Department of Energy & Climate Change)

03/02/16 – Seminar at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

07/03/16 – STEM for BRITAIN Exhibition – Posters by early-career research scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

03/16 – Imperial UK Energy Research Council (UKERC) General Meeting

18/03/16 – Determining the distribution of natural gas supply chain emissions at Imperial College Chemical Engineering Postdoc Symposium

21/03/16 – Methane emissions from the natural gas supply chain at 3rd Session Group of Experts on Gas at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

26/11/16 – Complexity and risk in the energy sector – Annual networking meeting of the Institute of Physics Nonlinear and Complex Physics Group