Sustainable Gas Institute has hosted a number of events over the last four years.


21 March – Seminar –  Seeking a future free of fossil fuels: Why the past matters – Imperial College London

13 Feb – Seminar – The Current Status of Biofuels in Brazil – Imperial College London

28 Jan – Report launchCan natural gas reduce emissions from transport? Heavy Goods and Shipping. – Imperial College London


22 May – SeminarComputational Nanoscience: Energy Materials and Nanofluidics Sensors Design – Professor Caetano Rodrigues Miranda, from University of São Paulo

08 Feb – Seminar – Insights into working in energy policy at the foreign office – developing UK-US collaborations – Ben Springer, Energy & Environment at the British Embassy in Washington

02 Feb – Annual lecture Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable? – Prof Jonathan Stern, Natural Gas Research at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


19/20 Sept – Conference – Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil

20 July – Report launchA greener gas grid: What are the options? –    Dr. Jamie Speirs, White Paper Lead, Sustainable Gas Institute


06 Dec – Annual lectureRenewable Gas: The lowest cost pathway to decarbonising heat?  – Richard Court from National Grid

27/28 Sept  – Conference – Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil

17 May – Report launch – Can technology unlock unburnable carbon? – What is the potential of Carbon Capture and Storage? – Dr Sara Budinis, Research Fellow, Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College

18 Feb – SeminarNatural Gas: What role can it play in the UK in future? – Claire Carter, a PhD student at SPRU, University of Sussex and member of the Sussex Energy Group


06 Oct – Public Talk –  A show about nothing: getting rid of carbon dioxide with a whole lot of holes -Dr Matthew Hill (CSIRO, Australia), in conversation with comedian Adam Hills

24 Sept – Report launch –  Carbon dioxide and methane emissions in the natural gas supply chain – Dr Paul Balcombe, Research Fellow, Sustainable Gas Institute

06  June – Annual lecture – Increased Natural Gas Production, Methane Emissions, and Climate: A U.S. Perspective – Dr. David Allen from the University of Texas at Austin


22 May – SGI launch event– The launch event of the Sustainable Gas Institute [news item] [press release]