Keynote: Mr. Gustavo Moure

Petrobras Efforts Towards a Low Carbon Economy

Mr. Gustavo Moure

Global warming is a very complex challenge the Humanity is facing. Its causes and effects are not constrained by geographic boundaries. For this reason, it demands actions from all countries, does not matter if the country contributes or is affected by the problem. Brazil has a very clean energy matrix, when compared to other countries. However, it also faces significant challenges regarding the emission of GHG, mainly caused by land use changes, livestock and agriculture. Although the contribution of the industry to the problem is minor in Brazil, the principles of sustainability demand actions of the industrial players regarding the reduction of GHG emissions. Petrobras is contributing to the mitigation of global warming by improving the efficiency of its production processes, increasing the participation of renewables in its portfolio, evaluating new mobility trends and implementing CO2 capture technologies to prevent they reach the atmosphere.