The Methane Emissions Research Team

The Methane Environmental Programme (MEP) brings together a team of leading researchers based at the Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College London.

Dr. Paul Balcombe

Paul leads the research within the MEP, where quantifying and reducing methane emissions from gas supply chains has been the main focus of his research since 2014.


•Environmental assessments
•Probabilistic analysis
•Process engineering design
•Industrial collaborations


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Dr. Jasmin Cooper

Her PhD assessed the impacts of shale gas development and use in the UK, as well as the sustainability of shale gas and other forms of natural gas for electricity generation. Her role in MEP is to assess alternative end uses of natural gas as well as analysing sources of emissions in supply chains.


•Life cycle assessment
•Life cycle costing
•Social sustainability assessment
•Multi-criteria decision analysis
•Life cycle modelling


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Dr. Jamie Speirs

Jamie leads the SGI’s white paper series, examining key issues in the sustainability of gas, including methane emissions in the gas supply chain and the mitigation of environmental impacts of gas as an energy vector.


• Energy economics
• Systematic review
• Energy and environmental policy


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Dr. Adam Hawkes

Dr. Adam Hawkes is the investigator on the MEP and Co-Director of the Sustainable Gas Institute. He provides academic leadership for the overall programme, energy systems modelling and linking activities to internal and external stakeholders.


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