Mr Cheng-Ta Chu

PhD student

Mr. Cheng-Ta Chu is PhD student at Chemical Engineering Department of Imperial College London. His PhD research focuses on global electricity system/market modelling. He received his BEng degree(2005) in Electrical Engineering from National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan), MEng degree(2008) in Computer and Communication Engineering from National Cheng Kung University(Taiwan), and MPhil degree(2011) in Technology Policy from University of Cambridge. Before his PhD study, he was a researcher at Industrial Technology Research Institute(Taiwan) for 4 years, working on energy system modelling, energy policy analysis and green energy promotion. He also has several years of experience on information system and software development.

After years of energy system modelling research in Taiwan, he developed particular interest in electricity sector modelling because this sector in Taiwan is facing a huge challenge in the low carbon transition. He is currently working with Sustainable Gas Institute at in developing global electricity sector modules. This sector is critical in the MUSE model since it accounts for significant amount of emission, and would possibly produce negative emission to compensate emission from other sectors. The electricity sector module is designed to identify the key technologies, market functions, and political instruments that can mitigate future emission effectively.