Ernesto Santibanez Borda

PhD Researcher

Ernesto Santibanez Borda is a Brazilian and Chilean national. He completed his undergraduate in Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile as an industrial engineer with a major in mining.

After graduation, Ernesto  worked two years as a production planning engineer in Escondida, a copper mine operated by BHP Billiton in the north of Chile. It was there that he decided to get more involved with the hydrocarbon industry so he moved to Imperial College to study a MSc in Petroleum Engineering.

Ernesto is now working towards a PhD that focuses on developing natural gas distribution value chains.

Ernesto’s PhD will involve him using an engineering systems inspired sustainability assessment optimisation approach. This methodology will then be used to assess the environmental and economic performance of natural gas production and LNG supply value chain options. It will also take into account economic uncertainties, greenhouse gas abatement technological options, as well as the uncertainty of future gas market.