Mr Jonathan Bosch

Phd Researcher

Jonathan Bosch holds a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Manchester. Since graduating in 2012 he has already embarked on short career working in particle accelerator research at CERN, the European organisation for nuclear research, before commencing a PhD at Imperial College London. His focus there was research and development for ultra-high vacuum systems for the large hadron collider, utilising a wide array of engineering and physics skills. This environment in fundamental research gave Jonathan the inspiration he needed to take the leap into a new career in energy systems research, in which he is now undertaking his PhD.

Jonathan’s research is concerned with understanding the inherent characteristics of renewable energy and how it can be modelled and integrated into energy systems models in order to predict the potential of their future deployment in the global energy system. This work will help the MUSE model to be better able to make realistic investment decisions based on a more accurate picture of renewable energy resources and the ability of renewable energy technologies. The question we most want to answer is the following: what is the global potential (in terms of generation capacity) of renewable energy technologies given the temporal and spatial constraints that are inherent to the renewable energy resource?