Jorge Salgado Contreras

Visiting Researcher

Jorge is an Industrial Engineer from the University of La Frontera in Chile (2005-2010) and has a MSc. in Energy Studies graduated from the University of Queensland (2014-2015). Currently, he is Head of the Electrical and Automation Department at Inacap Punta Arenas, Chile. Jorge has combined experience in the implementation and development of strategic plans in the energy sector, both for the private and public sector.  Jorge performed in the Ministry of Energy of Chile as Senior Engineer for Non-Conventional Renewable Energy projects (NCRE) and energy efficiency projects, in charge of cogeneration initiatives for Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region, leading the long-term energy plans for two cities in Patagonia. He participated as a renewable energy Business Development Engineer at Nano Nouvelle Australia, a materials Technology Company where he developed a commercial business plan for energy-storage technologies, based on performance and energy police constraints for different markets, work published by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Jorge also has experience as a commercial development engineer for residential, commercial and Industrial projects at Intergas Inc., the major gas retailer company based on southern Chile.

Jorge is visiting Imperial College for two months funded by the Chilean National Commission for Science and Technology, and he will be working in heat decarbonisation pathways for cities in Chile, supervised by Sustainable Gas Institute researchers.