José Eduardo Alves Graciano

Post doctoral Researcher - Gas Innovation Fellowship Program

José Eduardo Alves Graciano has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz (2010). He earned his master’s degree from Universidade de São Paulo in 2012, with research topic on process design focused on the synthesis of wastewater networks. Then, during his PhD at the same university, he conducted research on process control aiming to develop and improve Real-Time Optimization (RTO) methodologies applied to chemical processes. In 2014, he won a Brazilian grant for an internship of six months at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Carnegie Mellon University, where he worked on the development of a new algorithm integrating RTO and Self-Optimizing Control methods. He received his PhD in December of 2015.

In 2016, he won a postdoctoral grant from the Gas Innovation Fellowship Program with the research “Optimization-based process synthesis of natural gas to higher value chemical products: economic and environmental evaluation”. The main objective of this research project was to study and design new chemical plants converting the low-value CO2-rich Natural Gas – from the new basin of the pre-salt layer in Brazil – into added-value chemicals. The project was conducted part at Universidade de São Paulo and part at Imperial College London, integrating the expertise of both institutions. His fields of interest include modelling, simulation and parameter estimation applied to the design and optimization of chemical processes.