Rasmus Bramstoft

Visiting PhD student

Rasmus is a visiting PhD student from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). His field of research is modelling of integrated energy systems (power, heat, gas, and transport). Rasmus is currently involved in the Danish research project “FutureGas”, where his PhD research focuses on the future role of gas, renewable gas, and the gas infrastructure in integrated, renewable-based energy systems. Prior to his PhD, Rasmus has participated in a number of research projects involving integrated energy system analysis.

During his research stay at the Sustainable Gas Institute, Rasmus will work on linking results from the global whole system model, MUSE-SGI, and the Balmorel-OptiFlow-DTU model, which provides results for the integrated electricity, gas and district heating systems, with higher temporal and spatial resolution for North-western Europe. In this way, the novel modelling framework combine assessments of the energy system and the future role of gas at different spatial and temporal scales.