Mr Sandro Luh

Visiting Masters Students

Sandro is an international visiting research student at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Imperial College London, who joined the Sustainable Gas Institute in September 2017 for half a year to write his master thesis. His background is in the field of mechanical engineering, which he currently studies at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) since 2012. He gained his BSc degree there in 2015 and will also receive his MSc degree at ETH Zurich in 2018.

Sandro’s work with us will look into the technological and economical potentials of electrification in the industrial sector of the energy system. For this, he will evaluate the most promising technologies and implement them into our ModUlar energy systems Simulation Environment, MUSE, to simulate the impacts of these technologies on the future energy system.

During his studies in Zurich, Sandro has also participated in various extracurricular activities. These include his role as semester representative for mechanical engineering students, the participation in Model United Nations (MUN), and the organisation of a discovery semester for refugees at ETH Zurich.