SGI White Paper 5: Flexibility of gas networks

Our fifth white paper will be on the topic of the flexibility of gas networks.

This webpage provides a summary of the topic to be investigated.  A full scoping note will be available shortly, and the paper will be published in 2020.

Guiding question:

What is the evidence on the flexibility value that gas vectors and gas networks can provide to support the future energy system?


There is an increasing debate regarding the use of gas networks in providing support for the decarbonisation of energy systems, where the majority of effort is expected to come from the electricity system.

The perceived value of gas vectors is that they may provide value flexibility, helping to support daily and seasonal variation in demand, and increasingly intermittent supply as renewable electricity generation increases as a proportion of the electricity mix. Arguments in support of gas vectors suggest that electricity systems will find it difficult to value maintain flexibility on their own, whilst also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dramatically increasing capacity. Gas vectors, on the other hand, are expected to provide flexibility at relatively low cost, and may be produced and used with relatively low greenhouse gas emissions.

White Paper 5 will investigate the evidence surrounding the value flexibility provided by gas and gas networks and the cost of, and value provided by gas vectors to the decarbonisation of the energy system.