MUSE: a novel approach to energy systems modelling – SGRI 2016

SESSION: SGI – The MUSE model: a novel approach to energy systems modelling’ – Wednesday 28th September (14:00-15:00)

Title: MUSE: a novel approach to energy systems modelling


  • Dr Adam Hawkes
  • Dr Sara Giarola
  • Dr Daniel Crow


MUSE is designed to generate plausible transitions of energy systems towards a low carbon economy with a specific focus on the role of gas in delivering a more sustainable future.

We first describe the novel approach to energy systems modelling under development in the MUSE model (the Modular Universal energy systems Simulation Environment) at the SGI, and give an overview of the range of potential applications of the MUSE model, with details of the project timeline as well as an introduction to the team of academics involved in its development.  We then discuss the distinctive features of MUSE in the context of Energy Systems Models, highlighting its global scope, modularity, flexibility, technological detail and treatment of uncertainty (both supply- and demand-side) in future time periods.

We then provide a more technical overview of how MUSE runs, including the main Input/Output channels and libraries, describing in particular the core MUSE module – the Market Clearing Algorithm – which balances trade in energy commodities over all modules and world regions.

The MUSE Upstream Gas Module is then discussed in detail given its importance to the overall development aims of MUSE.