Panel Discussion – An International Perspective

Please join us at the Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation Conference (SGRI 2016) for a panel discussion:

“An international perspective: Innovation in natural gas”

Here five global experts talk about the future of energy research:

  • What role will gas play in the future energy mix?
  • How can we best combine gas with renewable energies? Does natural gas have a long-term role as a flexible back up to intermittent energy sources?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for the natural gas industry in your region?
  • What technologies are currently driving the natural gas industry? What innovative technologies are required and can we expect to see developed in the next two, five or even 10 years?

Date: Tuesday 27th September

Location: L’Orangerie meeting room in Grand Mercure  Ibirapuera (R. Sena Madureira, 1355 – Ibirapuera, São Paulo).

Time: 16:25 – 18:25


Read their biographies: