Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation Meeting Abstracts


SESSION: SGI – Energy Analysis and Policy –Tuesday 27th September (14.15 – 15:05)

  1.  SGI White Paper Series – Policy facing research through Systematic Review and primary analysis – Dr Jamie Speirs
  2.  Distribution of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the natural gas supply chain Dr Paul Balcombe
  3.   Can technology unlock unburnable carbon? – Dr Sara Budinis

SESSION: Energy Analysis and Policy – Tuesday 27th September (14.15 – 15.05)

MUSE: a novel approach to energy systems modelling – Dr. Jamie Speirs, Dr. Paul Balcombe and Dr. Sara Budinis

SESSION: SGI – Research translation and commercialisation – Wednesday 28th September (12.45-13.10)

Economic analysis of offshore gas field development – Dr Kris Anderson

SESSION: Energy Efficiency Programme – Tuesday 27th September (15.05-16.10)

  1. Thermoelectric Ceramic Module – Prof. Daniel Thomazini
  2. Unconventional Waste Heat Recovery – Bottoming Cycles  – Prof. Marco Antonio Rosa do Nascimento
  3. Sustainable Configuration for Offshore Facilities –  Prof. Silvio de Oliveira Junior
  4. Energy Efficiency & Low Carbon Power in Offshore Applications – Prof. Waldyr Gallo

Most of the other abstracts can be found on our co-hosts website under different programmes, Research Centre for Gas Innovation.