Policy facing research through Systematic Review and primary analysis – an abstract for SGRI 2016

Abstracts for the Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation Conference 2016

Jamie Spiers 3SESSION: SGI – Energy Analysis and Policy –Tuesday 27th September (14.15 – 15:05)

Title: The SGI White Paper Series – Policy facing research through Systematic Review and primary analysis

Author: Dr Jamie Speirs


The Sustainable Gas institute (SGI) has recently begun work on the third White Paper in its ongoing series. This talk will begin by describing the approach taken by the SGI White Paper Series and the value of this type of research. The presentation will then introduce the topic of White Paper 3 and discuss the progress to date. White Paper 3 will assess the future decarbonisation options for existing gas network infrastructure.

The SGI White Paper Series provides globally impactful policy facing analysis, bringing clarity to contentious topics in the energy sector. The SGI delivers this through the use of systematic review of the contemporary evidence base and primary analysis to fill gaps in current knowledge.


Jamie is a Research Fellow in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London and leads the Sustainable Gas Institute’s White Paper Series. He joined Imperial College in 2007, working in the Centre for Environmental Policy, before joining SGI in March 2016.

Jamie conducts research on the social, technical and economic issues affecting energy policy in the UK, Europe and globally. For the last eight years, Jamie has conducted systematic reviews of contentious energy topics as part of the UK Energy Research Centre.

His research has examined supply of critical metals for low-carbon technology manufacturing, the macroeconomic and employment impacts of government support for renewable energy, the future for unabated coal power stations, and the resource availability of global oil and unconventional fossil fuels.