Abstract SGRI 2017: A Greener Gas Grid: What are the options?

Dr Jamie Speirs, Research Fellow, Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI) and White Paper Series Lead

[Sustainable Gas Research Innovation 2017,  Thursday 19th September 14:35-15:05]

The Sustainable Gas Institute has recently published the third white paper in its ongoing White Paper Series. The white paper examines decarbonisation of gas networks, including the associated technical issues, costs and greenhouse gas emissions. This talk will present the findings of the third white paper, including the use of hydrogen or biomethane in new or existing gas network assets. The talk will also discuss the implications of the reports main findings in the context of Brazilian energy use and gas networks.

The talk will finally introduce the proposed topic for White Paper 4: The use of natural gas in heavy goods vehicles and shipping.

The SGI White Paper Series provides globally impactful policy facing analysis, bringing clarity to contentious topics in the energy sector. The SGI delivers this through the use of systematic review of the contemporary evidence base and primary analysis to fill gaps in current knowledge.