The Sustainable Gas Institute organizes a number of events – an annual conference (Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation), annual lectures, seminars, and report launches. We have recorded some of our lectures and they are available to watch online on our YouTube channel.

Annual lectures

Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable? – 30 January 2018

The 2018 Sustainable Gas Research Annual Lecture was be given by Jonathan Stern, Natural Gas Research at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Renewable Gas: The lowest cost pathway to decarbonising heat? – 06 December 2016

We welcomed Richard Court (Head of Regulation & External Affairs on the Gas Distribution at National Grid) in December for the Sustainable Gas Institute‘s 2016 Annual Lecture.

Increased Natural Gas Production, Methane Emissions and Change, A US Perspective – 05 June 2015

Professor David Allen, a chemical engineer at the University of Texas at Austin presented the Sustainable Gas Institute Annual Lecture 2015

Report launches

Can natural gas reduce emissions from transport?  White Paper Four Launch Event – 29 January 2019

Dr. Jamie Speirs summarises the findings from a report that assesses the scope for natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in heavy goods vehicles and shipping.

A greener gas grid: What are the options?  Launch Event – 17 July 2017

The Sustainable Gas Institute’s third White Paper reviews evaluates the overall potential for decarbonising the gas network, including the use of biomethane and hydrogen in existing gas infrastructure.

Can technology unlock ‘unburnable carbon’?  Launch Event – 17 May 2016

Dr Sara Budinis, Research Fellow, Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College presenting her findings.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane emissions in the natural gas supply chain. Launch Event. – 24 September 2015

Dr Paul Balcombe, Research Fellow, Sustainable Gas Institute presenting his fundings.


Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation 2017

The Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation conference takes place every year in São Paulo, Brazil. Watch a video of the 2017 conference.