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Working together to solve our global energy challenges.

“Partnerships are key to solving and addressing our global energy challenges. Our new affiliates programme at the Sustainable Gas Institute will provide an opportunity for organizations in the energy sector to work alongside our world-class research team at Imperial College. We are excited to be engaging the full gas value chain in our membership model, opening opportunities to answer the questions that really matter to stakeholders.”

Dr. Adam Hawkes, Director, Sustainable Gas Institute


Why organisations work with us: 

  • Full access to world-class leading research on key energy topics.
  • Opportunity to keep up to date simply and effectively with leading-edge technology.
  • Find out what others (including competitors, other industries and academics) are thinking and doing. 
  • Commission sector evidence-based reviews and white papers to aid senior stakeholders in investments, decision-making and energy and climate change policy 

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SGI recently worked in partnership with Enagás to improve our understanding of methane emissions: 

Enagás is strongly committed to climate change and reducing methane emissions from the value chain.  Partnership with the Sustainable Gas Institute has helped us quantify how natural gas can contribute to a low carbon economy. The researchers provided a framework for realistic and up-to-date methane impact which examined the different existing climate metrics as well as the uncertainty of both metrics and estimated emissions. We now have a better understanding of the methane fugitive emissions reduction existing potential from our natural gas infrastructures which will help LNG to find its place in the maritime sector in the near future.” 

Claudio Rodriguez, Infrastructures General Manager at Enagás, Spain 

Our core activities: 

The core activities of the SGI where affiliates can work with us:  

Gas Futures 

Quantitative insights on the role of gas in climate mitigation scenarios. This includes whole system studies on topics ranging from roles of specific technologies, through to economics, policy and regulation.  

White Papers

Rigorous, detailed and peer-reviewed analysis of the evidence on key high-profile or divisive gas topics. Dissemination for high impact. [link] 

Annual Lecture 

A well-attended annual lecture with a high profile speaker, followed by dinner with the speaker for Members and Partners. [link] 

Gas Technology Briefings 

Exploiting Imperial College’s science and technology expertise for short and accessible insights into novel gas-related technology (up to 3 per year, supported by Associate Members). 

Methane Research

Comprehensive research on methane emissions in energy supply chains. Data, analysis, technology, techniques, policy and regulation. 

Member-tailored Research

Bespoke member-tailored academic research or Ph.D. projects addressing challenges for sustainable gas. Industry project workshops and engagement.

Our areas of expertise: 


  • Energy and natural gas futures 
  • Natural gas supply chains 
  • Methane emissions 
  • Carbon capture and storage 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Ammonia 
  • Lowcarbon transport 
  • Biofuels  
  • Gas technology 
  • Gas infrastructure

Competence areas: 

  • Gas (natural gas, hydrogen, bio-derived gases) production technology
  • Engineering-led interdisciplinary technology assessment
  • Gas in power generation, transport, heating and industrial processes
  • Global integrated assessment and energy systems modelling
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Process simulation
  • Methane emissions and metrics research
  • Evidence-based reviews
  • Agent-based modelling