It's very important to us that our companies are at the cutting edge of gas exploration and production around the world, and an institute like this will help develop the innovation and technologies that enable them to do that.

– The Right Hon Michael Fallon MP.
Minister of State for Energy, UK.

The Sustainable Gas Institute is a world first, and it will be focusing on the future of gas in a low carbon economy. It will be one of the largest relationships we have with a corporate partner, but they key thing is that it will bring together multidisciplinary activities for this very exciting yet complex issue of natural gas in a low carbon future.

– Sir Keith O’Nions.
President & Rector, Imperial College London

Research themes

Sub themes

Waste heat recovery, prime mover cycle efficiency, logistics efficiency

Sub themes

High-efficiency power generation, low-carbon power, hybrid gas and renewable energy systems, gas-fuelled transport, new applications, systems and infrastructure

Carbon capture, storage and use
Sub themes

CO₂ separation, CO₂ utilisations and management, CO₂ infrastructure, CO₂ accounting, CO₂ storage

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