Carbon capture, storage and use

The Carbon Capture Storage and Use theme assesses the technical and strategic issues surrounding carbon management for the gas E&P and LNG businesses. Effective management of carbon liabilities is vital, and requires the development of efficient and cost effective separation, handling and storage technologies. New uses of CO2 in sequestration processes are also being investigated.

Optimal carbon management also requires assessment of monitoring and verification techniques, improved understanding of product life cycle emissions, provision of evidence to inform strategic decisions on the development of CO2 infrastructure and translation of technical knowledge in response to rapidly evolving climate change mitigation policies.

    Women from Imperial College are finding innovative energy solutions

    8 March 2017

    As today is International Women’s Day (IWD), we wanted to celebrate the contribution women are making to tackling climate change. Dr Sara Budinis, a chemical engineer from Imperial College, provides her thoughts on the subject during Women@Imperial Week, an annual celebration of the achievements of female staff and students at Imperial past and present. What contributions have women made to […]

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    VIDEO: Developing the natural gas section for a Global Energy Systems Model (MUSE)

    1 March 2017

    This short two-minute film features, Yingjian Guo, a PhD student at the Department of Chemical Engineering, at Imperial College. Yingjian’s PhD is looking at exploring the role of natural gas transport and distribution infrastructure in Future Low Carbon Energy Systems. In this short film (a series of three student films), Yingjian describes her motivations for […]

    • Energy Modelling
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    Annual Lecture – Renewable Gas: The lowest cost pathway to decarbonising heat?

    12 December 2016

    We welcomed Richard Court (Head of Regulation & External Affairs on the Gas Distribution at National Grid) last week for the Sustainable Gas Institute‘s Annual Lecture. If you missed last week’s Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI) Annual Lecture, you can download the slides below:- SLIDES – Renewable Gas: The lowest cost pathway to decarbonising heat? Abstract To achieve […]

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    VIDEO: Developing the transport model for a Global Energy Systems Model (MUSE)

    22 November 2016

    This short two minute film features Arnaud Koehl, a PhD student at the School of Public Health, at Imperial College who also works at the Grantham Institute and at the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI). Arnaud studied International Relations in France and Environmental Economics at UCL. He is now exploring the the kind of sustainable transport policies that […]

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