Carbon capture, storage and use

The Carbon Capture Storage and Use theme assesses the technical and strategic issues surrounding carbon management for the gas E&P and LNG businesses. Effective management of carbon liabilities is vital, and requires the development of efficient and cost effective separation, handling and storage technologies. New uses of CO2 in sequestration processes are also being investigated.

Optimal carbon management also requires assessment of monitoring and verification techniques, improved understanding of product life cycle emissions, provision of evidence to inform strategic decisions on the development of CO2 infrastructure and translation of technical knowledge in response to rapidly evolving climate change mitigation policies.

    JOB: Research Associate or Research Fellow in Methane Emissions

    20 November 2019

    Job summary Sustainable Gas Institute is seeking to appoint an excellent Research Associate or Research Fellow to join our outstanding team to deliver world-leading research relating to methane emissions in energy supply chains. More broadly, the postholder will work with the SGI team to explore the future role of natural gas and low carbon gaseous […]

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    Video: Practical Action for a lower carbon footprint

    8 November 2019

    This year’s Sustainable Gas Research Annual Lecture was given by CEO of Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments, Dr Pratima Rangarajan on 30 October 2019. You can watch the full talk on our YouTube Channel. Please also view the slides for the talk.

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    SGI Annual Lecture: Practical Action for a lower carbon footprint

    27 September 2019

    This year’s SGI Annual Lecture will be given by CEO of Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments, Dr Pratima Rangarajan. Date: 30 Oct 2019 Time: 17:30 – 20:00 Venue: Clore Lecture Theatre Campus: South Kensington Campus Please register to attend the event on Eventbrite. Abstract Addressing the dual challenge of meeting rising global energy […]

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    Examining satellite data to curb methane emissions from industry

    25 September 2019

      Luke Dubey did his undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Bristol before embarking on a MSc in Environmental Technology course at the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College. In this short 5 minute Q&A, Luke talks about the master’s and also his research project at the Sustainable Gas Institute analysing greenhouse […]

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